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Get to know our Mojo Sharing team!

It is a big deal to buy a home in a foreign country like Spain. You might not speak the language, you do not know the local laws and procedures, and on top of that, you do not know who you can trust to help you. This is where we come into the picture!

Per Mønsted (Mr Mo) and Jacob Johansen (Mr Jo) founded Mojo Estates in 2017 because they saw a lack of agility in the renewal of the Andalusian property market, which meant that several property-related companies could not keep up with the times. Mr Mo and Mr Jo took this as an opportunity to act and make a difference with a more strategy-driven and customer-centric approach. Since then, Mojo has gathered knowledge and experience based on which they have methodically built market-leading in-house capabilities to meet the customers’ needs better. This has led to the full-scale real estate concept named the House of Mojo, of which Mojo Sharing is a part. 

Frederik Kvist is dedicated to helping our Mojo Sharing clients, but they have the entire House of Mojo to lean on, which consists of real estate agents, in-house legal services, holiday rental services, professional investors, property developers and, of course, the two founders, Per Mønsted and Jacob Johansen.

Why is the House of Mojo important to you if you are interested in Mojo Sharing? Because all the branches and all the people that are part of the House of Mojo contribute to making your life easier as a client of Mojo Sharing. It is an advantage for our customers that we have years of experience with buying, selling, renting, and refurbishing properties on Costa del Sol. We know the market and the right local providers, but more importantly, we know that trust is everything – especially when sharing a home.

Furthermore, Mojo has partnered up with Pacaso, a Californian company that is known worldwide who also shares the same concept of co-ownership, to offer international homebuyers a modern, sustainable, and cheaper way of owning a luxury property on the Costa del Sol.

“We help clients get matched with their ideal system suiting their needs. Thanks to our trusted partners Pacaso, we can also offer financing; between 50%-60% of the 1/8 of your second home, with an interest rate of less than 4%”. “No banks, no traditional Spanish mortgage nightmare procedure. Suddenly, a 3.2 million villa, which shares would be worth 400.000€, will be achievable for less than 200.000€!”

- Per Mønsted


Meet our Mojo Sharing specialist!

Frederik Kvist
Mojo Sharing Sales Manager

You are in safe and competent hands with Frederik Kvist, who is our Mojo Sharing Sales Manager. Frederik is originally from Odense in Denmark, where he has gained several years of experience in sales and teaching sales. He first became part of the Mojo family when he was doing an internship for his studies at Mojo Estates. He has since completed his education as a real estate agent and settled in Miraflores in Mijas. Frederik is your Mojo Sharing expert with in-depth knowledge of the House of Mojo and Costa del Sol. 

Frederik will be happy to help you find the right Mojo Sharing home based on your wishes and needs. Trust is essential in our industry, which is why it is important for us to provide a professional, personal and honest service, so you feel safe when buying your dream home with Mojo Sharing. Frederik can guide you through the Sharing sales process and answer any questions you may have about the concept and our available properties.