The new way to buy and own a second home

Buy a luxury holiday home for one-eighth of the price

Do you dream of owning a home in Spain? Mojo Sharing makes it possible for almost everyone to buy and own a luxury holiday home on the beautiful Costa del Sol, where the sun shines 320 days a year, for only one-eighth of the price! You do not even have to take a loan. However, if you do want to borrow up to 80% of the share price, Mojo Mortgage is the perfect solution – you can even get approval within just 24 hours. 

Mojo Sharing is a way for you to own 12.5% of a luxury property, as you share the cost with seven other owners who match your needs and desires when it comes to finding the perfect holiday home. It is important to emphasize that you will NOT stay in the property together with the other owners – you will have the home all to yourself six weeks and three days a year. We have a fair booking system that ensures that everyone gets a chance to get the weeks they want each year.

This is the new sustainable, and modern way to buy a home, and you do not need to win the lottery to get a share of the extraordinary lifestyle offered on the Spanish coast – you just need Mojo Sharing.

Available properties for sale with Mojo Sharing

Browse our carefully selected Mojo Sharing homes which are all Mojo Approved, meaning that they are of high quality, thoroughly designed with a focus on details, and located in some of the best locations on the Costa del Sol. 

Modern Apartment for sale La Cala de Mijas
79.000 € per share

Ground Floor Apartment
2 Beds
La Cala de Mijas, Mijas Costa

15.800 € with 80% financing

Luxury Apartment for sale in La Cala de Mijas
139.000 € per share

Garden Apartment
4 Bedrooms
La Cala de Mijas, Mijas Costa

27.800 € with 80% financing

Modern Apartment for sale in Carvajal Fuengirola
349.000 € per share

4 Bedroom

69.800 € with 80% financing

Why share a holiday home on the Costa del Sol?

The awareness of reducing our consumption has grown over the past few years, which is one of the many reasons why the sharing economy is the future. It is often said that buying a home in Spain is expensive, but it is very cheap to own. Why spend one million euro on a second residence when it will most likely be empty ten months of the year? Mojo Sharing makes luxury holiday homes accessible to more people by offering a sustainable type of property ownership where no time or space goes to waste.

Mojo Sharing is nothing like the outdated timeshare concept. When you buy a property through Mojo Sharing, you have true ownership of 12.5% of the luxury home. So if the price increase, the value of your shares likewise increase. You do not just buy the rights to use the holiday home, you will own one-eighth of it, which means that you can use the property for more than six weeks a year. These weeks are chosen through a rotation system with a limit on how many days you can select per round, which ensures that everyone gets a fair chance. You even have the possibility of renting out through Mojo Rentals in the weeks when you cannot come to Costa del Sol. Unlike timeshares, you will be able to sell your shares based on the market price to a seller you find, or we can assist you for our regular brokerage fee.

Find out how Mojo Sharing works through our FAQ´s

Benefits of Mojo Sharing

Six weeks and three days right of usage per year
80% financing with approval within 24 hours
You will own a 12.5% share of a bigger and better-located holiday home
Fewer expenses because you share with other owners
More value for money
Possibility of making extra money by renting out through Mojo Rentals
✔ No hassle – we take care of everything

Buy through a company

With Mojo Sharing you can use your company funds to buy the second home of your dreams giving you tax benefits.

Loan up to 80%

You can loan 80% of the property with Mojo Mortgage, which means that you only need to come up with the 20% down payment.

Mojo Sharing makes everything easy

Buying in to Mojo Sharing is as easy, as it gets. You don’t have to do anything by yourself.

Get in touch with us to find out more!

Tell us about your dreams and needs, so we can match them with the wishes of other families to find the ideal shared home for you. You can also request our brochures for the available Mojo Sharing properties. We look forward to seeing you in the sun soon!

Frederik Kvist Jensen
Mojo Sharing Manager